Selling a Home in Roseville

Selling a Home in Roseville

If you’re selling a home in Roseville, you have many factors working in your favor. Prospective buyers love Roseville’s natural beauty, location near Sacramento, and various neighborhoods ranging from historic to new construction. Read on to learn how to capture buyer interest and sell your Roseville home for the maximum profit.

Preparing your house to sell

For the best chance at a high home sale, it’s essential to make your home as appealing as possible to buyers. Before listing and marketing your property, prepare your house to sell by partnering with an agent, researching your home’s value, and staging your home.

Determine your home’s value

To plan a listing price and home preparation, determine your home’s value. A home’s value depends on its condition, location, size, and amenities. The best way to assess your home’s value is with the help of an agent. They have the tools necessary to make a comparative market analysis that compares the prices of similar homes in the area while accounting for your property’s specific features. In Roseville, most homes list in the high six figures or low seven figures.

If your estimated home value is lower than expected, you can work with an agent to select upgrades buyers in the area are interested in. Projects like bathroom and kitchen renovations have a high return on interest (ROI), while simple changes like a fresh coat of paint or landscaping maintenance also have a significant effect.

Interview real estate agents

Sellers should interview a few real estate agents to find a professional that’s the right fit. Ask questions that clarify the amount and type of experience an agent has, the level of success they have selling homes like yours, how they communicate with clients, and how they will sell and market your property.

Good times to sell

The best and worst times to sell depend on local market trends, seasonal trends, and the seller’s motivations for listing their property. Spring is typically the best time to sell because most buyers want to close on a home by the end of summer. It also marks the end of winter, when the housing market is bogged down by winter weather and low buyer demand. Those selling a home in Roseville should list their house in March for a high-priced sale in June. Sellers prioritizing speed should also list in March (homes sold in June closed seven days sooner than in other months).

Stage your home and take photos

Prime your property for potential buyers by staging your home. Home staging acts as a blank canvas that helps buyers imagine a home as their own. Set the stage by deep cleaning and decluttering each room, then take down personal photos and memorabilia. Redecorate in neutral tones and keep the home’s interior well-lit. When your home is ready, hire a professional photographer to take high-quality images for your home’s listing.

Selling your home

When your home is prepared, list your property on a local MLS with the help of your real estate agent and boost its visibility with marketing. While the house is listed, your agent will field offers, allowing you to focus on packing and moving.

Listing on the MLS

Traditionally, selling a home in Roseville means listing your property on the MLS. Only licensed agents have access to a local MLS, and they’ll use their expertise to create an enticing description. Once listed, your home will appear on public sites like Zillow, Realtor, and Redfin. To market your listing, an agent will schedule home showings on your behalf, host an open house to increase in-person visibility, and offer virtual tours to make your property accessible to all buyers.

Cash vs. Traditional

As you start receiving offers from buyers, think about what’s most important to you in a home deal. Some buyers may propose a cash offer deal in which no mortgage or other means of financial aid is used. These deals are less complicated, resulting in quicker closing times. On the other hand, traditional offers provide sellers more time to prepare a move and are usually higher priced.

The closing process

After coming to an agreement, the buyer and seller enter the closing process. The home enters escrow which is when the finalizing process is completed. During this time, buyers will order a home inspection, contract a home appraisal, and sign documentation to close a deal. Sellers in Roseville should prepare for closing costs totaling about 5.35% of the final selling price. These account for agent commissions, transfer taxes, and title insurance fees.

FAQs about selling your Roseville home

It’s natural to have questions about selling a home in Roseville, even after reviewing the information above. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

How long does it take to sell a home in Roseville?

As of January 2023, homes in Roseville spend a median of 42 days on the market. With home sales decreasing and active listings on the rise, it may take longer than usual to sell your home. Sellers wanting to sell at a higher price should time their sale correctly and make cost-effective upgrades. To sell faster, boost marketing across online and offline channels.

Is staging my home worth it?

Yes, staging your home is worth it. Not only does home staging help people sell their property quicker, but a 1% investment in staging yields a 7% return.

Can I sell my Roseville home without a realtor?

Sellers can choose to list their properties FSBO but may experience more complications and less overall success. For one, sellers lack the connections agents use to prepare and market a home, meaning buyers will have a more difficult time finding your property. Many buyers’ agents are also hesitant to work directly with a seller.

Ready to sell your Roseville home?

When working with a local expert, selling your Roseville home doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re ready to list your property, contact experienced agent Leslie Duvernay to guide you. Leslie and her team know everything it takes to get top dollar for homes in Roseville. The Vibe Team goes so far as to guarantee your success based on its successful track record.

Contact Leslie today as the next step toward your perfect home sale.

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